Plush Catalogs, Brochures, & Price Lists


Please note that some of these JPEG files are quite large; I reduced them as much as possible but tried to maintain legibility as well.

If anyone has any other catalogs or brochures, and might consider sending me scanned pages as JPEG files, I'll be happy to post them here.





1: Plush Product Line Catalog With Prices 1971
 This 32 page catalog is the most extensive one that I have found.  It covers all the known products except some claimed in the 1969 Flyer and price list.


Page 1 Front Cover

Page 2 Index

Page 3 Word from the President

Page 4 Plush Jazz Guitar Amplifiers (1000 series)

Page 5 1000 series rear panel and cabinet specs

Page 6 Metric Bass Amplifiers (1060 series)

Page 7 Specifications for 1060 amps 

Page 8 Deluxe Jazz Guitar Amplifiers

Page 9 Metric Deluxe Bass Amplifiers 

Page 10 Showmaster 300 Guitar and Bass Amps 

Page 11 Showmaster Deluxe Model 450 Guitar and Bass Amplifiers 

Page 12 Congress and Congress Deluxe P.A. Amplifiers

Page 13 P.A. Amplifier Specifications 

Page 14 Metric Super Bass Series and Super Jazz Guitar Amplifiers (3000 Series) 

Page 15 3000 Series Specifications 

Page 16 Metric Super Bass Amplifiers (3000B) 

Page 17 Specifications for the 3000B Amplifiers

Page 18 Super Jazz Guitar Amplifier (3000G) 

Page 19 Specifications for the 3000G Amplifiers 

Page 20 Classic Black Series  

Page 21 Classic Black P.A. System 

Page 22 Classic Black Bass Amplifiers

Page 23 More Classic Black Bass Amplifiers 

Page 24 Classic Black Guitar Amplifiers 

Page 25 More Classic Black Guitar Amplifiers 

Page 26 Blues Guitar Amplifier (4000G) 

Page 27 More Shots of 4000G

Page 28 8000 Series for Bass, Guitar, and P.A. 

Page 29 8000 Series PA and Mixing Board

Page 30 Super Showmaster "550" Guitar and Bass Amplifiers

Page 31 550 Series Specifications and addresses and Information 

Page 32 Back Cover 



2: Plush Product Line Flier With Prices 1970
~ca1970 product line. All the 1000 and 1060 amplifiers under the Duplex name. Promoting it with the Jeff Beck Group


Page 1 Front cover with the Jeff Beck group and some outsized Plush 1000 amps

Page 2 Guitar and Bass amps and 2x15” cabinets (only ones shown)

Page 3 More amp shots, how to reach Plush, and an order form

Page 4 Back Cover explaining the Guarantee (don’t look to me to cover for this!)





3: Plush Product Line Flier With Prices 1969
~ca1969 1000 and 1060 amplifiers under the “Vagrant” name. 2x15” and 3x15” cabinets and some artist rendition of a scary amplifier and speaker cabinet.


Page 1 Front cover with guarantee

Page 2 1060 and 1000 series amplifiers and cabinets

Page 3 Bruiser Speaker system (artist picture) with Double Cyclotron Collar Head with Save-Pak S2.

Page 4 Price list including accessories such as their fuzz pedals





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